Year Round School?

It isn’t a new topic by any means, but a few people have brought up the idea of disbanding summer vacation and having students go to school all year round.  How do I feel about this?  I’m torn.  Summer vacation was originally given because kids needed to help out on the farm during the planting and harvest times.  Almost no kids still practice this as most kids don’t live in rural America.  Do I enjoy summer vacation?  Yes, I do enjoy it.  It gives me time to relax and see my family for long stretches of time.  Having never worked at a year-round school, nor knowing anyone who does work at one, I am not sure how their vacation works.  If I recall they get two-week periods throughout the year that in the end approximate the amount of time a student would get for summer vacation.  May “experts” say that students lose knowledge over the summer, and we are constantly trying to catch back up.  This is causing us to fall behind in the academic world.  I, however, think that our poor academics is caused more by our societies views on education.  When I have parent-teacher conferences I may get 3 – 5 parents that show up when I have a total of 120 students.  Those parents that do show up tend to be the parents of students who are doing well.  This is because they emphasize the importance of education to their child, and therefore their child puts forth effort and does well in school.


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